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Do Ya Hallelujah?
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Release Date: Dec 5 2014.
The first full original album from The Swing Ninjas signed to Freshly Squeezed Records – bridging a new sound between modern UK swing, americana and New Orleans Voodoo Gospel.  Deep fried chicken for yours ears.  Already getting rave reviews, the album is setting the dance world on fire…


The Swing Ninjas - cover artwork - Tiger Rag EP

The Tiger Rag EP
£4.99 (Free UK shipping!)

Released: 2013.
Take 6 nimble musicians, put them together in a room and throw in some Swing Ninja magic, and you land up with the most exciting and luscious sound in modern swing.

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Buy Tears Of The Tuba

Tears Of The Tuba (The Difficult Second Album)
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Released: 2011.
The exciting authentic sound of The Swing Ninjas in their debut release.  Raw, passionate and very swinging.

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Stop Killing The Jazz Man Cover
Stop Killing The Jazz Man
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Released: 2012.
The second offering from the trio, this album is bigger and more ambitious than the first.  Featuring guest sirens Swinging In Heels on backing vocals and the UK’s top musicians.  Includes the new single, 3 Blind Mice.

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