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Electronic Press Kit 2020



TECH SPEChttps://drive.google.com/open?id=16hWKZm1MFqNaR08A0QB4W4VNqbMn97UJ




SET LIST – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wbghznT0o120Hm1JQmij-h2sgq8rrLHd


SOUNDCLOUD : https://soundcloud.com/theswingninjas/
SPOTIFY : https://open.spotify.com/artist/22coFU88Fr9DPEnn5KnMja
iTUNES : https://itunes.apple.com/bs/artist/the-swing-ninjas/513177199
AMAZON : https://www.amazon.com/s?k=The+Swing+Ninjas&i=digital-music&search-type=ss&ref=ntt_srch_drd_B007O7B0E2
BANDCAMP : https://swingninjas.bandcamp.com/


YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSwingNinjas


FACEBOOK : http://facebook.com/theswingninjas
TWITTER : http://twitter.com/theswingninjas
INSTAGRAM : http://instagram.com/theswingninjas


Their take on the music taps into the lascivity and humour inherent in the 40s/50s original [bands], resulting in songs you actually want to return to. And, for that matter, dance to…The Swing Ninjas are that rare thing: a revivalist band that actually has contemporary relevance.
4 stars – Record Collector Magazine

“While it’s hugely enjoyable on disc…it’s even more enjoyable in a live setting where dancing is de riguer.”
Rock n Reel Magazine

Classic, Rip-roaring, top-tapping, jazz-dive tunes … Unabashedly enjoyable , and you’ll be hard press not to tap your feet
Songlines Magazine

Joining bands such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Kraak & Smaak, Belleruche and the legendary Turkish musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek, The Swing Ninjas brought “the spirit of New Orleans to the festival to make it something special … bringing musicians from around the world speaking a common language …”.
Time Out – Istanbul, Turkey

I found myself escaped into a bubble of sunshine despite it chucking it down outside, just because it was so much fun.
‘Sexy London Swing’ – spoonfed.co.uk

A swing band that thrive off each other’s personalities and playing styles … are a joy to watch and listen to –   they really do ‘sing you into swoonage’

Balcony.tv – The Swing Ninjas voted top 3 videos worldwide on their network – Week starting 31 Oct 2011


Highlights : BBC Radio 6 (on the Craig Charles Soul and Funk Show), Radio FIP (France), Juice Radio (UK), Radio Reverb (UK), WWOZ (New Orleans)


Starting out life as a busking trio in 2010, the Swing Ninjas are one-of-a-kind.  Blending vocal harmonies and a mix of New Orleans’ swing and vintage UK jazz (with a modern musical flair), this Brighton (UK) based band provides an authentic, up-to-date approach to the sound of a raucous 1930s band to all stages and parties that can fit them on.  With 2 original albums and 4 albums of classic US-UK jazz/swing, it’s little wonder this fun-loving, charming and soulful group play over 150 shows a year.

100 year-old music is given a breathe of fresh air by the highly skilled energetic
performance, group vocal harmonies, immaculate dress and tongue-in-cheek charm
of the band. This is not stagnant swing and jazz as you know it – the sweat
and passion is real.

They perform in various sized bands, trio up to a 9-piece, acoustic or plugged in, headlining festivals from Virginia to Bahrain. The main 7-piece band comprises of alto sax, baritone sax, helicon/tuba, Gibson guitar, double bass, piano and drums and features group vocal harmonies.

The smaller band can be mobile or walkabout acoustically (perfect for leading a parade or procession) or provide a soundtrack for champagne breakfasts or canapes.


Gig highlights include headlining Bahrain Jazz Festival, Pizza Express Live (London), Virgina (USA), Casablanca (Morocco), Chill Out Festival (Istanbul), New Orleans (USA), Lenk (Switzerland), WOMAD Festival (UK), Twinwood Festival (UK), Guinness Jazz Festival (Ireland), Hamburg Lindy Exchange, Moods Jazz Club (Zurich), Moulin Rouge (Paris), White Mink (London), Royal Albert Hall (London), as well as playing dance events and parties in Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal and a plethora of other venues, festivals and private parties in cities around Europe.

Brand sponsorships include Brooks Brothers, Courvoisier, Sipsmith Gin, Chopard, Agent Provocateur, Bison Beer and a variety of independent vintage brands.

Terms & Conditions

The Swing Ninjas Cancellation Policy:

NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT :: 50% of total fee
< 2 weeks :: 100% of total fee

Presenter / Client responsibilities

The Presenter is responsible for a clean and functional performance area. The Presenter will provide secure storage room facilities or green room area or space for band to set up beginning with the artist’s arrival and ending with their departure (if required).

RIDER// The Presenter agrees to organize (at least) water during the the playing event, WARM food (1xveggie, 1xwheat intolerant) if playing crosses mealtimes and at least 2 drinks per performer of their choice, or a selection of ale, lager and whiskey for evening events. Snacks must be provided for late night events.

Where necessary and agreed to beforehand, The Presenter will provide accommodation, which must be of an acceptable standard of cleanliness, comfort and safety. Failure to provide suitable accommodation will result the Presenter needing to provide an alternative.

If a PA system is provided by The Presenter, all equipment must be of professional quality.  Failure to provide equipment of sufficient quality or if problems arise with the equipement, the artist may cut their set short or require the equipment to be replaced.

Public events – all promotional material for the event (online or physical) must contain mention of The Swing Ninjas, links to the website or Facebook and where possible include a photo from our promo pack.

Cancellation, Illness, Personnel Changes

In the event of cancellation of the performance(s) on the side of the Presenter, because of reasons within the jurisdiction of the Presenter, the Presenter shall pay the entire fee as agreed.

Additionally, in the event of a frustrated contract invoked by the Presenter beyond their control i.e. Act of God or Force Majeure, the Presenter shall pay the entire fee as agreed.

In the event of Artist illness or being unable to attend the event for another reason, the Artist must inform the Presenter immediately of their inability to perform. The artist may offer another professional-quality artist of the same calibre as a substitute, or replace any number of personnel in the band as necessary to fulfil the contract. Full band change requires the Presenter’s agreement, but personnel changes within the band do not. Necessary changes in the personnel of the artist do not affect the fee as agreed.