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” dirty horn stomping shouting swing “

Based in Brighton, UK, The Swing Ninjas started out as a street band busking around Europe, learning their craft and wowing audiences of all ages.  Now a few years on, they are performing original swing tunes all round the world at festivals, clubs, private parties while still keeping true to their origins.  Having recently returned from hugely successful tours to Portugal, Istanbul, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, France and Holland, they are showing the world that you don’t need an orchestra to fill a stage of any size.  They are as comfortable playing to a Lindy Hopping dancing audience, as they are to a seated enthralled crowd – although people don’t remain seated for long.

The Swing Ninjas Quartet
The Swing Ninjas Quartet

Mixing the sounds of New Orleans and ’30s Parisian swing, they will entertain and delight any crowd of any age.  Available as a 3-piece (TRIO), 4-piece (QUARTET), 6-piece (SEXTET) and the massive 9-piece (NONET) including the beautiful Speakeasy Three vocal trio, they are truly a flexible and dynamic outfit.  The classic QUARTET is the main performing band : Alto Saxophone, Maccaferri Guitar, Helicon (tuba) and Double Bass create the perfect combination of dirty horn jazz and swing La Pompe rhythm, while 4-part vocal harmonies complete their sound.  A synergy of sounds occurs any time these guys get their instruments out – the whole sound is greater than the sum of its parts – and audiences are feeling it and loving the whole experience.  Add in the Big Band and girls singing, you have a beautiful monster on your hands that will wow any crowd.

Your performance was, for me, an all-time-live-music-great and rates for me alongside Paolo Conte’s “via con me” at the Barbican when the crowd was literally yelling along chips chips …

Ninjas On A Couch
The Swing Ninjas Trio

Their energy, humour and enthusiasm for the music is infectious in both their street and stage shows, while their obvious enjoyment of the raw and passionate musical pleasures shine through.  The name alone (which came to them on a night out in Brighton popping in and out of bars like suit-clad Ninjas) , tells you that although they are serious about having a good time whilst performing, they are anything but serious in their outlook on music and life.

Seeing people absolutely loving what they do and sharing that with their audience is a real treat – not to mention fantastic skill and warmth from their playing make all their shows an unforgettable experience.  Their debut album – Tears of The Tuba – The Difficult Second Album – sold out fast and their second offering, Stop Killing The Jazz Man expected to go global, these ambitious Ninjas clearly sleep with one eye open (probaby in their 3-piece suits, too).  The Tiger Rag EP is a snapshot of the Sextet and shows off the 5-part harmonies, mixing new sounds with old.

Their motto is very apt for the whole Swing Ninja experience – “Hiding In The Shadows of Jazz“.  This is is definitely not chin-stroking jazz – this is dancing, shouting, smiling swing at its finest.  Raw passionate music, at the highest, most entertaining level, whether played to a crowd of 10 or 10 000, The Swing Ninjas never disappoint.

I’m writing to you today to let you know, how much we appreciated having you here – very much the highlight of the summer for us. We all look forward to having you back. – Mandalay Club, Hamburg (Germany)


Bruce Stevens – Vocals, Helicon/Tuba
Will Hood – Vocals, Alto and Tenor Saxophone
Jarvis Daniel  – Vocals, Maccaferri guitar
Simon C. Russell – Vocals, Double Bass
Leroy Horns – Vocals, Baritone Sax
Matthew Gest – Vocals, Piano
Peter Adam Hill – drums

We also work with the best vintage musicians in London and Brighton who step in when necessary.

The BIG BAND also can include:
Speakeasy Three trio singers, solo female vocalist.

2011 – Tears of The Tuba – The Difficult Second Album
2012 – Stop Killing The Jazz Man
2013 – The Tiger Rag EP
2015 – Do Ya Hallelujah? (Freshly Squeezed Records)
2017 – Live at WOMAD

Company Details

Swing Ninjas LTD – Company Number 7677802
Risk Assessments and Public Liability Insurance (PLI) available on request
All Swing Ninjas are UK Musician Union members.

The Swing Ninjas on Brighton Beach
The Swing Ninjas & Bordello Boheme
Purveyors of Happiness
Brighton Nights
Ferrara, Italy

Set List

Our set list of tunes is ever expanding, and we always take requests.

King of the Swingers
When You’re Smiling
Sweet Georgia Brown
Five Feet Two
Exactly like you
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Minor Swing
South Of France (Magic Number Orig.)
Trust In Me
Nature Boy
Sweet Sue
Russian Lullaby
Besame Mucho
It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing
Blue Drag
Billie’s Bounce
Three Blind Mice (Original tune)
Nancy (Original tune)
Devil in Despair (Original Tune)
Sausage Tree (Original Tune)
My Belle (Original Tune)
Primate Shake (Original Tune)

After You’ve Gone
I’ve Found A New Baby
Les Yeux Noir
St. James’ Infirmary
Tiger Rag
Cement Mixer
Dunkin’ Bagels
Putting On The Ritz
Lester Leaps In
Happy Birthday (swing version)
Walking Stick
Buona Sera
Them There Eyes
Mack the Knife
Hit That Jive Jack
Flat Foot Floogie
Cry Me A River
It Ain’t Necessarily So

Technical Specification



  • 3 Vocal Mics
  • 1 Instr. Mic
  • 1 Guitar DI
  • 1 XLR for clip-on – unpowered.

BIG BAND (5-piece)
In addition to TRIO:

  • 1 Vocal Mic
  • 1 XLR for bass amp
  • 1 Instr. Mic

BIG BAND with Swinging In Heels
In addition to 5-piece:

  • 2 Vocal Mics
  • Small drum kit / percussion

View all the options below.

The Swing Ninjas can create an experience which is perfectly suited to your event. Flexible in both price and size we are proud to be working with some of the best swing musicians, dancers and performers in the world.

Use the links on the left of the page to view each band size and extra performers (Burlesque, Dancers etc).


I found myself escaped into a bubble of sunshine despite it chucking it down outside, just because it was so much fun.
‘Sexy London Swing’ – spoonfed.co.uk

Chill Out Festival (May 2011) – Kemer Country Club, Istanbul

Joining bands such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Kraak & Smaak, Belleruche and the legendary Turkish musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek, The Swing Ninjas brought “the spirit of New Orleans to the festival to make it something special … bringing musicians from around the world speaking a common language …”.
Timeout Istanbul

Balcony.tv – The Swing Ninjas voted top 3 videos worldwide on their network – Week starting 31 Oct 2011

Gig Highlights

Moulin Rouge [Paris] . White Mink Club . Mandalay [Hamburg] . The Secret Garden Party . Pacific [Amsterdam] . Herräng Swing Dance Camp [Sweden] . Chill Out Festival [Istanbul] . Brighton Festival . Boheme Sauvage [Hamburg] . London Southbank Festival. Ferrara Festival [Invited Guest, Italy] . Glastonbury Festival . Courvoisier Events [London/Perth]. Bal de Etoiles [Paris] . Mercantia Festival [Invited, Italy] . Guiness Jazz Festival [Ireland] . Private parties across Europe and many other venues, clubs, private events and other festivals worldwide.

 A swing band that thrive off each other’s personalities and playing styles … are a joy to watch and listen to – they really do ‘sing you into swoonage’

Terms & Conditions

The Swing Ninjas Cancellation Policy:
> 2 weeks :: 40% of total fee
< 2 weeks :: 60% of total fee
< 48 hours :: 100% of total fee

Presenter / Client responsibilities

The Presenter is responsible for a clean and functional performance area. The Presenter will provide secure storage room facilities or green room area or space for band to set up beginning with the artist’s arrival and ending with their departure (if required).

RIDER// The Presenter agrees to organize (at least) water during the the playing event, WARM food (1xveggie, 1xwheat intolerant) if playing crosses mealtimes and at least 2 drinks per performer of their choice, or a selection of ale, lager and whiskey for evening events. Snacks must be provided for late night events.

Where necessary and agreed to beforehand, The Presenter will provide accommodation, which must be of an acceptable standard of cleanliness, comfort and safety. Failure to provide suitable accommodation will result the Presenter needing to provide an alternative.

If a PA system is provided by The Presenter, all equipment must be of professional quality.  Failure to provide equipment of sufficient quality or if problems arise with the equipement, the artist may cut their set short or require the equipment to be replaced.

Public events – all promotional material for the event (online or physical) must contain mention of The Swing Ninjas, links to the website or Facebook and where possible include a photo from our promo pack.

Cancellation, Illness, Personnel Changes

In the event of cancellation of the performance(s) on the side of the Presenter, because of reasons within the jurisdiction of the Presenter, the Presenter shall pay the entire fee as agreed.

Additionally, in the event of a frustrated contract invoked by the Presenter beyond their control i.e. Act of God or Force Majeure, the Presenter shall pay the entire fee as agreed.

In the event of Artist illness or being unable to attend the event for another reason, the Artist must inform the Presenter immediately of their inability to perform. The artist may offer another professional-quality artist of the same calibre as a substitute, or replace any number of personnel in the band as necessary to fulfil the contract. Full band change requires the Presenter’s agreement, but personnel changes within the band do not. Necessary changes in the personnel of the artist do not affect the fee as agreed.